Brake Inspection & Repair Services

We Know Brakes, At Dyno-Tune!
Dyno-Tune Technicians are ASE certified in brake repair services. Call us today for a complete brake inspection.

Do I need a brake job?

A full brake service at Dyno-Tune will restore your braking power, pedal feel, and stopping distance so you can safely and quickly stop when its time to slow down.

We begin with a thorough inspection of the entire brake system, including; condition of the brake pads, rotors and drums, calipers, brake hoses, and master cylinder. Any parts that show excessive wear, like brake lines or pads, are replaced right away with original replacement parts.

Rust, heat, weather, and age have a huge effect on all of the hardware components in your brake system.

The ABS Light is on, is it still safe to drive?

An ABS warning light means the ABS system has been deactivated because of a self-diagnosed fault in the ABS system and under normal driving conditions the brakes should perform well enough to get to a service center like ours.

Anti-Lock Braking is an add-on to the vehicles braking system and only steps in when traction is low or during sudden stops - the rest of the time, it has no effect on normal driving or braking.

Visit us today or give us a call and we can arrange a tow to our service facility to have your brake system completely checked for faults, and serviced with new equipment. Your safety and security are our main focus and there are no short cuts when it comes to a proper brake service at Dyno-Tune

We take pride in keeping your car or truck safe and properly maintained, give us a call today: (217) 328-0007 or stop by and our friendly staff will assist you on the spot. We are centrally located at 104 S Vine St, Urbana, IL‎ 61802.

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